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Entrepreneurial Communities Must Be Led By Entrepreneurs

19 Oct

Since I’ve been in Abilene (going on 8 years), I’ve seen several changes in peoples’ attitudes towards technology startups. A lot of people would like to see Abilene have a stronger entrepreneurial community. Places like the Abilene Small Business Development Center, the Griggs Center for Entrepreneurship & Philanthropy, and the West Texas Innovation Network and events like ReInvent Abilene and Build Guild and others are all great and support the cause for strengthening the Abilene entrepreneurial community.

Brad Feld is a technology VC, a co-founder of TechStars and one of the catalysts responsible for developing Boulder, CO into the entrepreneurial hub it is today. On his blog, he posted some great notes and a video talking about the important pieces in creating entrepreneurial communities. I think this is a post that everyone who cares about the Abilene entrepreneurial community should read and watch. Read the full post here: